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Stephanie Petersen Photography LLC is a registered legal business in the State of New Jersey and has met with all the legal obligations of this state. Stephanie Petersen Photography LLC adheres to all State laws regarding operating a Photography business in the State of New Jersey.

Time in the studio is by appointment only! 

The Stephanie Petersen Photography Studio is located in our private home and my sets are custom ordered and hand crafted. Therefore, I do not do walk-ins. If you would like to have me take your photo either in the studio or on location you will need to call, text, message, or email in advance and we can discuss what your needs are, how I can help you, and fit you in when I'm available. We will then set up your appointment for your customized, agreed on, photoshoot.

We need to talk! Having your photoshoot come out perfectly involves a conversation. I almost always custom shop for each photoshoot and set it up especially for you by hand. Therefore, there's things I need to know and do way before you arrive. What kind of photoshoot did you have in mind? Where are we shooting? Who is the subject? What's the theme? What is the color palette? What are you wearing in the photos? Are there special props I have to buy? Is there a cake I have to order? Let me know and I'll get it all ready for you.

What is the studio like? My studio is located on the top floor of my 120+ year old home. Therefore, there are three floors of stairs that you need to climb to get up into the studio space. If you have issues climbing stairs or have vertigo please take this into account before you book your studio time. Think about the footwear you arrive wearing, the length of your dress. Can you easily walk up and down stairs in that footwear? Will you trip on the bottom of your dress? Sometimes it's best to arrive wearing street clothes, change into your "special outfit" when you get into the studio and change back into your street clothes before you leave. Also, be warned, my studio can get extremely hot during the Summer months. During the Summer I will only book studio time in the early morning, and if the weather forecast calls for extreme heat I will ask you to reschedule for another, cooler day. You are coming to the studio to get great photos, extreme heat will most likely affect your "look" or baby will get fussy and sweaty, cakes will melt.... Best to reschedule.

It's Electric... Boogie Woogie Woogie....

There's lots of electric going on in the studio. Lots of wires running across the floor, light stands, lights and cameras. I do tape all wires down with gaffers tape and use sandbags to weight down all lights and stands. However, it's always good to be aware and mindful that you are in a working Photography Studio. There's going to be wires, lights and stands in the space so use caution when walking through the studio! I use strobes for most photo shoots in the studio. If you have photosensitive epilepsy, photophobia, light sensitivity, or photosensitivity you will need to let me know ahead of time so I can make necessary adjustments to the lighting for you. You may also want to consider booking a shoot outside on location instead of in the studio.

My studio is pet friendly. I take photos of pets. I own pets. There's often pets in my studio. On any given day there may be animal hair in my studio. If you have pet allergies please take this into account before booking time in my studio.


Please come prepared for your photoshoot! 

Baby looks best with baby in a special outfit or costume. Portraits look best when you are wearing your best. Be mindful of the shoes you are wearing, your makeup, your hair... We will have numerous conversations about your theme, props, setting, etc before the shoot if you don't specify that you need a stylist or special wardrobe that component will be up to you. I will NOT issue refunds because you "didn't like your makeup". Your hair & makeup is your responsibility, my responsibility is to construct your set & take photographs. If you need a MUA or Hairdresser you need to let me know and I will book one for you. Please note Stylists are an extra charge. If you need me to hire a Stylist you will need to pay the Stylist.

Let's talk about cakes! Many of my shoots have cakes as props. Some cakes are more decorative than others, some cakes are larger than others, some have toppers, some are very plain... If you would like a cake in your shoot we need to have a specific conversation about the cake before hand. Cakes often need to be special ordered. Toppers often need to be special ordered. Cakes with themes will always need to be special ordered. Special ordered cakes have a lead time of a few days and always cost more than cakes bought out of the case at the bakery. Some cakes simply just cost more than others. Some people like to handle ordering their cake themselves... If you want me to order you a cake, I need to know before we shoot. If you want me to order you a special cake, the bakery will need extra time to make the special cake. All cakes are an extra charge on top of the studio time and photo package.


All appointments require a cash deposit. I ask for a deposit because that money is used to buy the props needed for your personalized photoshoot. The deposit also secures our commitment to your appointment. Your appointment time will be your appointment time and we agree not to book any other shoots during your time. The deposit is non refundable unless you cancel or reschedule 48 hours before the appointment. If you cancel or reschedule 48 hours prior to your appointment your deposit will either be refunded back to you the same way you paid or will apply to your rescheduled appointment. Deposits can be made either by  Venmo, Zelle, Credit Cards (credit card transactions subject to service charges), cash, or gift certificate.


Please be courteous and respectful of my time and arrive to your appointment on time. I understand that sometimes issues come up. Please call and let me know that you are running late and I will be happy to accommodate your needs.

Please also keep in mind that during the Covid-19 pandemic we ask that only those directly involved with the photoshoot show up to an appointment. Unnecessary people in your party only promotes crowding in our studio and the potential spread of disease. We also ask that everyone involved with the photoshoot wear a mask inside the studio. During the time of actual shooting, when both the model and the Photographer's masks come off, we will all need to keep 6 ft apart.


Contact & Info-

Your Help is Required! I LOVE working with children! I'm a Mom and I have lots of patience. However, please keep in mind that these are YOUR children, and your help with them is required. Posing them in front of the camera, dressing them, fixing their hair, wiping their noses, and keeping them focused is needed for a great photo. Children respond best to their parents and when the parents are involved in the process of making photos the photos come out fantastic! Children are often hungry, sleepy, wet, or tired... These are all things to consider when booking your time; When is baby at their best? When is baby the least cranky? Does baby feel sick today? Do they have a clean diaper? Is baby hungry? Bring their favorite toy or blanket, help me make this a great experience and we'll make some great photos together!

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Putting our best foot forward/ What are "Proofs?"-

After we shoot I will electronically send a link to your "Proofs" to your email address. Sometimes, on request, I will drop them off in person on a USB flash drive. These "Proofs" are for you to inspect, consider, and choose your favorite photos. After you make your selection you should contact me and let me know which images are your favorites and which you want released back to you. I will release your chosen images back to you electronically via a link sent to your email on on a USB flash drive as high resolution files. The final images you receive back form me will be enhanced in photoshop, will be higher quality than the "Proofs", and they will no longer be marked "Proof" or be stamped by a SPP watermark. I do not mind if you privately share your "Proofs" with family and friends so that they can help you make your final choices. However, please do not post your "Proofs" on social media. Your "Proofs" are not your final images. Please wait until you receive your final images before you post your photos online.

Delivery of your final images/ What to expect-

The final images that you chose will be given back to you digitally as high resolution photoshopped files usually through a shared file on Dropbox unless you requested a separate USB drive delivery. It is very important to actually download your files onto your device and not just "share" them, do not just drag the photos out of the folder onto your desktop, you need to actually download them onto your device. Failure to not fully download your files will result in low resolution files and your photos will NOT look in focus, they will not be sharp, they will be low resolution, they will not look the best that they can be. It is extremely important to follow this step when you complete your transfer. I want you to have great quality images to share with the world, I want your photo projects to come out fantastic, please follow this important step.

Prints- Once you chose your final favorite images and received them back digitally they are yours to do with as you wish. You are free to have them printed wherever you like, share on social media, make cards, stickers- have fun!! However, if you would like for me to handle the printing, let me know, I'd be more than happy to have them printed for you! Prints are not included in my photoshoot packages and do cost extra. A menu of different print options and costs is available on request.

There will be an email sent to you before our shoot, before you send your deposit, that will outline in detail the fact that there's stairs leading up to the studio space, how to be prepared to go up and down the stairs safely, a warning about wires and trip hazards in the studio, a note on pet allergies and light sensitivity warning. Also, details about your package- how many images you will be receiving with your package, how you will receive your images, a detailed itemized list of your props, how to prepare for your photoshoot, some words about proofs, how I share files with you, the cost of your shoot & the amount of deposit you put down toward the shoot.

This email will be sent to you so that we're all on the same page about what's included in your shoot, how much your shoot costs and being safe on the studio set. I will ask you to agree on the conditions laid out in the email and then we can have a photoshoot!

How much does this all cost? I hate to be obtuse but the cost of almost every shoot differs in some way. That's because each shoot is slightly different than one another. Everyone's needs are slightly different. There are base prices for basic photoshoots and then extra added on elements cost extra. The best way to determine what your shoot is going to cost is to give me a call, we can have a discussion about what your needs are and then go from there.

The word on the street- I love to share the photos that we make together and I encourage my clients to share them on social media and tell their friends about my business. I am a woman, a mom & a wife who is trying hard to make her small photography studio succeed in a world full of Photographers. Over the years I have found that I get new business just by satisfied former clients spreading the word! So, please, tag the Stephanie Petersen Photography Studio when you post the photos we made together, share my website with your friends & on social media, and write the studio great reviews!

A commitment to privacy- If by any chance you had your photo taken by me and I shared it online, or I tagged you on social media, and you do not want it publicly posted please accept my heartfelt apology. Reach out to me and I will take it down immediately! No questions asked! I understand that your privacy is important and I respect everyone's right to privacy. Do not hesitate to let me know and it will be done.

The Vault- I archive all my photoshoots. So, if by chance you loose your photos from a past shoot, don't worry! Chances are great that I still have them on file! Let me know and we can work out getting them back to you!! Want to reorder prints from a shoot from last year? Two? Three years ago? I can totally still do it!

Gift Certificates!- Want to give that certain someone a special gift they will never forget? Get them a gift of a real photo shoot!! Photo shoots are a fun way to remember a birthday or holiday forever!

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My Camera! What tools do I use?- I shoot a Nikon Z7 ii with all Nikkor lenses. The Z7 ii is a brand new state of the art full frame mirrorless camera that delivers flawless photos. It has an ultra-high resolution of 45.7 megapixels with no optical low-pass filter so the end result is tack sharp and not pixel-y. Perfect for both portraits and parties!

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