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The Velveteen Lounge Kitchen

The Velveteen Lounge Kitsch-en


The Velveteen Lounge Kitsch-en are cocktails & comedy, road trips & boozy music, videos & live performance artists! They're a fun trip to the kitsch-er side and Stephanie Petersen Photography has been photographing them for about a decade and I love every minute of it!! 



stephanie crabe motel bizarre stephanie crabe motel bizarre

Bayonne Bridge Photographic Mural at Dennis P. Collins Park

In 2017 I was asked to be a part of the improvements at Bayonne's Dennis P. Collins Park at 1st Street. I was asked to cover an ordinary building used for the park's restrooms with an unordinary photographic mural of vintage photographs of the Bayonne bridge. The mural is an unexpected surprise for visitors of the park adding some art into a public space. 

2021 UPDATE!

How does a mural get involved in an auto accident?! Strange but true, over the Spring of 2021 the Bayonne Bridge mural was involved in an auto accident that damaged both the mural and exercise equipment located near by! But not to worry, thankfully with the help of local sign shop Vital Signs, this project received a much needed facelift and is back better than before!

Bayonne Life on the Peninsula

Faces of Bayonne

The Faces of Bayonne

The Faces of Bayonne was a public art project, part of French Artist JR's Inside Out Project, curated by the Bridge Art Gallery, and photographed by Stephanie Petersen.

The intention of the Faces of Bayonne was to illustrate that Bayonne is a melting pot of people representing a wide variety of cultures from around the world and that we could build a sense of community through our shared experiences. The visual presentation highlighted how similar our experiences have been over the decades... The ultimate goal was to bringing our community together.



Inspired by an ad posted by The Little BOHO Bookshop looking for recreations of favorite book covers, I dressed my two son's up, and had a fun time recreating some of my favorite book covers. We did Georgie from Steven King's IT, Alex & Dim from Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork Orange, a zombie child from George Romero's Night of the Living Dead, Jack Torrance from The Shining & Travis Bickle from Paul Schrader's Taxi Driver!

You can read all about this project in The Hudson Reporter's Winter of 2020-21 article YOU CAN JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER  

A Clockwork Orange Kids little boho bookshop bayonne new jersey
Georgie- Steven King's IT Little Boho bookshop bayonne new jersey
Taxi Driver Kid! little boho bookshop bayonne new jersey
Night of the Living Dead Zombie kid little boho bookshop bayonne new jersey
The Shining/Little BoHo Bookshop
Stone Bath Spa
Stone Bath Spa

Promotional Business Photos

& Product Shots

Business Promotional Photography
Promotional Business Photography
TV Talk Magazine Sub Base
Iz Real Art Barbershop
The Pink Spa Room
Promotional Business Photography Sen Agro Store Bayonne NJ
Matt Crabe paints mural Asbury Park NJ
Wooden Walls Project
Matt Crabe Wooden Walls Project
Matt Crabe Wooden Walls Project
Matt Crabe Frog Day Afternoon Wooden Walls Project
Matt Crabe Frog Day Afternoon
Matt Crabe: Artist
Matt Crabe_edited.png

In 2003 Stephanie Crabe graduated from New York City's School of Visual Arts  earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree after studying Photography and Film there for 4 years. After graduation she continued her ongoing project of photographic narrative fiction titled MOTEL BIZARRE. She displayed many prints from the collection in art galleries in Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore, New York City, and Caracas. The work eventually took the form of a photographic book, a collection of photographs shot in narrative style depicting the lives and lifestyles of transient peoples living “on the edge” within the walls of seedy yet stylish mid-century modern style motels in North America.  The book MOTEL BIZARRE was published in 2007 and is still available today through online retailers like Amazon or you can purchase a signed copy from Stephanie herself by clicking HERE!


Stephanie Crabe Motel Bizarre

Motel Bizarre

Stephanie Crabe CBGB 313
Motel Bizarre
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