Wedding Bouquet

Handfasting is a beautiful, symbolic marriage ceremony, or ritual, and is believed to span several cultures dating back thousands of years. Handfasting is widely accepted as being of ancient Celtic origin and is a nature-related ritual with a spiritual tradition.

The phrase ‘tying the knot!’ and the action of shaking someone’s hand to agree on something, are probably derived from this action of binding the couples hands together, often with coloured ribbon or cord to symbolise their union of love.

crown of flowers
Champagne toast!
Handfasting Tie the Knot!
Polish Wedding Blessing

        Tie The Knot!

Wedding Kiss
Wedding Photography!
Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography!

A Fairy Tale Wedding
in Hudson County Park 

These two lovebirds transformed our local park into an enchanted winter wonderland!! 



Stephanie Petersen Photography has teamed up with Dance With Me Studio Bayonne! Stephanie Petersen shot on location at the studio in October taking candid, behind-the-scenes photographs of  the students. 


These photographs were available for parents to view during the month of November and orders were taken for prints, collaged prints, posters, and gifts! 

Dance With Me Studio Bayonne.

ballet slipper kids dance photography studio

 Dance With Me Studio Bayonne

Pink Dress dance photos kids dance photography
Pink Dress II kids studio dance photography
Dance Kids studio photography

Faces of Bayonne

faces of bayonne

The Faces of Bayonne was a public art project, part of The Inside Out Project, curated by the Bridge Art Gallery, and photographed by Stephanie Petersen.

The intention of the Faces of Bayonne was to illustrate that Bayonne is a melting pot of people representing a wide variety of cultures from around the world and that we could build a sense of community through our shared experiences. The visual presentation highlighted how similar our experiences have been over the decades... The ultimate goal was to bringing our community together.

The portraits highlighted the diversity of the Bayonne Community. These are the FACES of Bayonne!

To see all of the portraits featured in the Faces of Bayonne public art project visit The Faces of Bayonne/Inside out project webpage.

faces of bayonne public art project
Matt Crabe Wooden Walls Project
Matt Crabe Wooden Walls Project


The Wooden Walls Mural Project is a collaborative initiative that brings art to Asbury Park to enrich the socio-cultural and socio-economic landscape in a thoughtful way. By creating a conversation with local, national, and international artists, Sea Change draws attention to the creative spirit that is fundamental to Asbury Park. Wooden Walls uses the resources provided by a community that embraces creative endeavors and is appreciative of public art in order to promote the town’s reputation to this end.

Matt Crabe painting
Matt Crabe Frog Day Afternoon
Matt Crabe Frog Day Afternoon Wooden Walls Project
Wooden Walls Project
Matt Crabe

Scouting Events with Pack 27!!


Boy Scout Troop and Cub Scout Pack 27 have been part of the Boy Scouts of America for over 80 years. Meetings take place at Trinity Church Bayonne, New Jersey. Want to become a member? Click Here!!

Cub Scouts Trinity Church Pack 27 Bayonn
Bar Mitzvah Photography
bar mitzvah logo

Bar mitzvah is Hebrew for “son of commandment.” When a Jewish boy turns 13, he has all the rights and obligations of a Jewish adult, including the commandments of the Torah. From that date, he will wear tefillin on a daily basis, participate in synagogue services and take his place in the Jewish community. This milestone—called a bar mitzvah—is often celebrated with a ceremony in synagogue, tefillin wearing, and parties. The celebrant may be called to the Torahlead servicesdeliver a speech or otherwise demonstrate his newfound status.

The First Holy Communion is a Catholic ceremony, which marks a child or adult's first reception of the Sacrament of the Eucharist. It is an extremely important event in a Catholic family's life and is marked with celebrations, family gatherings and festive parties as well as gift-giving and special white clothes.

First Holy Communion
First Holy Communion_edited.png
First Holy Communion_edited.png
First Holy communion
The City of Bayonne New Year Balloon Drop 2020!

The City Of Bayonne


Who could have known that the first party we attended in 2020 was going to be the last party we attended in 2020?!


The City of Bayonne's Happy Noon-Year balloon Drop Celebration!

It was an event to remember!!

City of Bayonne Noon-Yer Balloon Drop!
City of Bayonne New Year's Eve
City Of Bayonne Noon-Year's Eve Party
City Of Bayonne Noon-Year's Eve Balloon
City of Bayonne Noon-Year's Eve balloon
City of Bayonne Noon-Year's Eve balloon
Stone Bath Spa

Promotional Business Photos

Stone Bath Spa

& Product Shots

Stone Bath Spa

Need photos to promote your business on Social Media, Websites, fliers, Magazines, etc.?

Here, we have Product shots for Stone Bath Spa Gloves!


Next, we have product shots and a fun portrait shot on location at Sweet Rhodes Home of Confections!


Below, I have a lifestyle portrait and group shot on location at Alma Dream Nails nail salon in Bayonne, NJ.

Business Promotional Photography
Business Promotional Photos!
bayonne bridge public art mural located in bayonne's first street park
Dennis P. Collins Park Bayonne Bridge Bathroom Mural

Bayonne Bridge Photographic Mural at Dennis P. Collins Park

In 2017 Stephanie Petersen was asked to be a part of the improvements at Bayonne's Dennis P. Collins Park at 1st Street. She was asked to cover an ordinary building used for the park's restrooms with an unordinary photographic mural of vintage photographs of the Bayonne bridge. The mural is an unexpected surprise for visitors of the park adding some art into a public space. 

2021 UPDATE!

How does a mural get involved in an auto accident?! Strange but true, the Bayonne Bridge mural was recently involved in a DUI that damaged both the mural and exercise equipment located near by! But not to worry, thankfully, this project will now be getting a much needed facelift and will return again soon! Stay tuned for updates  regarding the upcoming renovation due to take place September 2021!

Behind the Scenes at the 2017 Team Franco OCB Jersey Natural Open

Back stage Franco male body builders fitness photography
female body builders fitness photography

In 2017 Stephanie Petersen Photography was asked to take candid photographs backstage of  bodybuilders competing in the Team Franco OCB Jersey Natural Open.

backstage female body builders fitness photography
female body builders fitness photography

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